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Based in Taipei, Taiwan, and staffed with both Western and Chinese linguists, PTS has provided excellent translation and interpretation services since 1988 and has been a member of the Translation & Attestation Association of Taipei since 1990.
Good translation demands accuracy, speed and a keen sense for interpretive expression. These are the qualities we expect of, and are evident in, our proficient translating staff, all expert in their languages and their various specialist fields. PTS promises translation of the highest order, a commitment to strict confidentiality and rigorous quality control.
Our clients include government departments, domestic and foreign companies and firms, law offices, CPA offices, and multinational corporations in Taiwan and outside Taiwan.
From full-service translation and interpretation to high-impact company presentations, PTS has the ability, tools and experience to surpass your expectations.
Languages handled
English/ Chinese/ German/ French/Japanese/Hangul (Korean)/ Italian/ Spanish/ Malay/ Bahasa Indonesian/Thai/ Vietnamese (Other languages available on request)
General documents; Computer/IT; Legal/Contracts; Patents; Management and Business; Manufacturing and Technology; Machinery and Industrial Technology; Hi-tech and Chemical Engineering; Civil Engineering and Construction; Medicine and Pharmaceuticals; Environmental; ISO and Validation documentation; Communications; Energy; Economics; Public Relations; Arts; Music; Sports; Cultural & Social Studies etc;
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